Donation Wall

Please note, these lists are updated manually so they can take some time to update.
These only count “donations”, i.e. money given that has no reward or expected return.
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The Ultimate Commissioner:

Ultimate Commissioner is the title given to the person who has commissioned the most art from Weresdrim out of anyone. This includes both the old commissions sytem and new request system.

Thank you to Lionfranky!
And to all other commissioners/requesters.

Top 3 biggest donors (All time)

Rank Name Donated ($AUD)
1 Jens $135
2 Lionfranky $125
3 Asami $100

3 Most Recent Donations

# Name Donated ($AUD) Donated ($USD)
1 Crim $6.83 $5
2 Neptato Chips $13.67 $10
3 Neptato Chips $6.83 $5